Buyers Lab Platinum Rating

Buyers Lab Platinum Tested Solutions 2020

Buyers Lab Platinum Tested Solutions 2020

Buyers Lab (BLI, part of Key Point Intelligence) a leading test laboratory for digital imaging equipment, has designated One Q’s print management software as a ‘Platinum Tested Solution 2020’. Buyers Lab is fully independent in all of its testing and reporting.

One Q was rated 5/5 in three key areas: Features and Productivity, Usability, and Value.

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One Q is an enterprise-caliber print management platform that offers several time- and cost saving features including convenient pull printing, secure print release, print accounting and mobile printing. The unique One Driver provides device-independent yet full-featured printing regardless of the printer make and model. Furthermore, One Q can help reduce unnecessary printing, as well as convert jobs to more cost-efficient duplex and monochrome print modes via its print policy functions. In terms of IT infrastructure, One Q offers all-round flexibility, as the solution can be deployed on-premises or in a private-, public, or hybrid cloud setting, according to customer needs.

Benefits highlighted in the report

Complete Print Platform

The One Q platform delivers push-and pull-printing capabilities, secure printing, a mobile print app (iOS and Android) and accommodations for guest printing. The platform also supports popular campus payment systems and offers a brand independent yet full-featured universal print driver. And it does all this with the convenience of a single print queue.

Flexible Deployment Options

One Q supports public-, private-, and hybrid-cloud deployment options. And for organizations that don’t want print jobs to he routed through the cloud, One Q can be set up, so that print jobs are pulled from a local server or users’ own PC. It also offers clustering options for failover support.

Reduce Print Costs and IT Overhead

One Q’s usage-quota and rules-based printing features can help a company reduce printing costs, while the cloud architecture can lessen the burden of IT resources.

Print Job Security

The secure print features ensure that only authorized users can release a print job. And all print jobs can be protected with TLS encryption for added security.

Outstanding Device Support

Print jobs can be submitted from just about any device, anywhere through One Q’s Web user portal, and the solution includes native Android and iOS apps for printing from those mobile OS’s. And the company has developed applets for 11 printer/MFP brands, making it ideal for customers with mixed-brand fleets.