EveryonePrint will End of Sales One Q VDMS Server

This is to notify you that EveryonePrint announces End-of-Sale of One Q VDMS Server from 31st December 2020.

Last OS supported versions for VDMS:

  • Windows 2019
  • Limited support for Linux according to our documentation and only for existing customers

Last supported OS version for Print Monitor:

  • macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Windows 10

Supported devices (Printers):

Please see the appendix containing supported devices on the One Q platform

Update of License keys:

Changing server requires a new license. This will be handled via the support portal.

This notification will apply to the following One Q products:

  • One Q VDMS Windows and Linux
  • One Q mobile print app
  • Print Monitor
  • One Driver

– There will be no further planned releases beyond v. 5.1.10.  Hereafter the affected products will be placed into maintenance mode and support will be provided for customers with valid maintenance until the expiry date of their agreement.

– Maintenance & Support cannot be extended beyond the date of expiry of a customer’s existing agreement.

– It is possible for existing customers with current M&S, to purchase additional devices up until the End of Sales date, including maintenance & support which can be coterminous with the date of the customer’s existing agreement.

– No updates or software patches will be provided for supporting additional operating systems, platforms, devices or feature requests beyond those explicitly stated in the One Q documentation.

– Any requests for transfer of license keys when migrating to new servers will be managed via the support portal

Supported Clients

No new devices will be added to the supported device list. Supported devices will be supported up to the platform, SDK and firmware version available at the End of Sales date. A list of supported devices can be found in the appendix.

A path forward!?

For customers with active support agreements, EveryonePrint is offering a transition to our Hybrid Cloud Platform. The One Q VDMS Server customers can upgrade, to a market-leading cloud platform, EveryonePrint HCP. The upgrade path is made simpler by the fact that the embedded clients used in One Q VDMS Server are fully integrated with HCP (we’ve been using them for years).

Everyoneprint will offer this upgrade path, from VDMS to HCP, free of charge for the equivalent numbers of HCP core and embedded licenses, for any upgrades made prior to 1st of May 2021.

Please contact our sales team by email at sales@everyoneprint.com, to find out how you can benefit from migration path.

We apologize for any disruption this action causes you and are committed to delivering continued support for One Q VDMS Server solutions through the end of life process.

We are always happy to help you!

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