Re-engineered One Q VDMS server is up to 12 times faster!

Version 5.1.9 is now so fast that users no longer need such high-performance print servers

We are delighted to announce a dramatic improvement in server-side performance, which is not only great news in itself but it also means that users no longer need such powerful servers.

This enables them to slash their hardware costs and to significantly increase the performance of their print management solution.

This release is the result of a huge amount of painstaking development work and demonstrates the way we have listened to feedback from our partners and users.

Available from 2 June 2020, Version 5.1.9 will be available as standard to new users, and at no additional cost to existing users with an active maintenance agreement.

Technical benefits

  • Improved server integration with our database
  • Improved cache-handling
  • Entire server-side architecture optimized to identify incremental efficiencies
  • Prepares the way for another release in the near future which will make the handling of certificates extremely easy.

Business benefits

  • Substantial hardware cost savings enable a better business case
  • Significantly increased performance for large, high-print-volume enterprise customers
  • Improved certificate-handling in future will be attractive to smaller organizations whose IT functions are not highly skilled with certificates
  • Fewer support tickets will now be generated, resulting in faster response and resolution times.

This release is part of a wider intensification of development at One Q, designed to deliver market-leading performance, usability and efficiency.

Press-release is available on MyNewsDesk.

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