One Q Basic Software Training

You get

Module 1

The training can be tailored according to specific needs, with a focus on the various solutions One Q provides.

We will be using the standard One Q server manuals and the setup guides during the 2 days training!

You will get in-depth knowledge regarding network topology, follow-me concepts like pull and push printing, MFP’s, printers, card readers and authentication methods!

Please bring you own laptop to the training sessions.

The training covers besides, hands on and a review of the software, below modules:
• Installation for server on premises and demonstration for server deployment in Microsoft Azure
• Setup of Queues with Active Directory or local user authentication.
• Print to server using OS-spooler queue or virtual queue.
• Explanation for authentication for AD or local users
• Setup and deployment on HP MFP and printers
• Releasing jobs for users on Pull or Push devices
• Advance setup for Basic training:
• User permissions for copy and scan
• Printing with and without rules and user permissions
• Bulk importing of data for users, queues or devices using the import module
• Demonstrate Multi Domain setup on multiple print queues
• Demonstrate Corporate, Public and University print, the deference and possible challenge

PLEASE NOTE: advance server setup like multi server and external Database is not part of the training.

The partner will after training be able to install/deploy and use a One Q server as a single server with authentication on different devices.