Why One Q Cloud-Based Printing is Worth It

Simplifying and streamlining your office equipment and processes is a great way to save money and boost productivity. Moving your printers to the cloud will do just that. Consider the following 5 benefits:

1) Full Accessibility from One Q mobile printing
You have easy access to printers and copiers from anywhere with internet. No need to carry around a laptop or use a desktop. You can also print to printers and copiers using a mobile device.

2) Reduced costs
Hosting traditional print servers is quite costly. With cloud-based printing, there is no need to install and maintain a local server or invest in costly IT infrastructure. With a cloud print management solution, you simply buy the software – which is typically priced per user and device – and with annual renewal fees the maintenance is covered.

3) Reduced waste
One Q keeps a record of usage data including what was printed, who printed it and when. This allows you to periodically analyse usage and monitor printing trends. You will know if unnecessary documents are being printed or if an employee is abusing their privileges.

4) Automatic upgrades
Software upgrades are more than automatic. They happen uniformly and in real time. With One Q, you will have instant access to all software upgrades including new features and security patches. This is vital to keep your print processes efficient and secure at all times.

5) Simplicity
Your employees do not need to have technical knowledge as with traditional print servers. With One Q cloud-based print, your employees won’t have to mess with software, drivers, or cables. Setup is simple and quick. Overall, it’s much more appealing to the majority of users than traditional printers. Whit the One Q cloud print solution life in the office becomes so much easier and you can focus on more important things.

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