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Are your printers and print infrastructure ready for GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018

GDPR compliance guide

How to ensure that your printer fleet is GDPR compliant?

Three simple steps on how One Q will help you!

Select your security level with the One Q GDPR Compliance guide

Select the security level that matches the need of your business. You will find the set of One Q features required to be compliant with the new GDPR that will take effect in May 2018.

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Connect your printers to One Q secure cloud

The One Q secure print management solution is preinstalled at Microsoft Azure and accessible through a secure VPN connection. Based on your selected security level, One Q will assist you to easily connect your printers to the One Q secure cloud.

Configure the solution using One Q Control Center

Through our web interface you are now able to setup users, rules, permissions and reports. You can add or remove printers etc.

Secure your printers today

Outputting of personal data including printing, copying, faxing and scanning is considered as processing and therefore is subject to GDPR regulation.

Get One Q compliance guide relating to print – step by step guide to secure your print infrastructure and printers.

GDPR compliance guide

How are organizations affected

GDPR compliance is required by any organization that processes personal data in the EU from May 2018.

Processing of personal data refers to what can be done with data i.e. data activities such as: requesting, collecting, storing, searching, forwarding, deleting etc. The definition of processing is very broad: it is best to think of any action that ‘touches’ personal data as being in scope.

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Don’t overlook your print infrastructure as it could be the hole in your armor that will mean non-compliance and cost you dearly

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