A world-first solution from One Q and MPI Tech

At last, a cost-effective, device-agnostic print management system for mainframes

The One Q solution is immediately available for IBM mainframe customers, thanks to a partnership between us and MPI Tech. Now, some of the world’s largest companies can access a market-leading print solution – and get significant financial and time savings plus GDPR compliance across all print. It’s what mainframe users could only dream of, until now.

Users have the flexibility to choose a zLinux partition or LinuxOne (the standard IBM IFL), OR the IBM Hyper Protect Cloud Service.

The problems mainframe users face

  • They need mainframes for huge transaction volumes, but these are often legacy systems. This means they must opt for bespoke development, which can be slow and expensive.
  • Such organizations also tend to have large, widely distributed fleets of printers from multiple manufacturers, making print management a real challenge.
  • Until now, they’ve never been able to achieve GDPR compliance across all print.

Now, the One Q/MPI Tech partnership solves these problems for the first time.

Benefits for end customers

  • Very significant savings when it comes to the cost of IT infrastructure; custom development; software deployment, support and maintenance; and user downtime. Plus, offloading print conversions from the mainframe onto the IFL offers substantial savings in itself.
  • Users no longer need to change their mainframe applications to become GDPR-compliant or to use a new document workflow management system. GDPR compliance is especially important here since mainframes often process large amounts of sensitive personal data.
  • MPI Tech identifies the mainframe’s user IDs, which are then used by One Q to manage print jobs. This means that a single, device-agnostic pull-print solution, with a single user interface, can be deployed across the entire printer fleet – including different device types from different manufacturers and in different global locations.
  • The end client can now consolidate its print servers onto the zLinux partition, slashing their costs by removing the need for Windows or other types of print servers (of which there can be hundreds)
  • Customers can access One Q’s wide range of security features. Plus, thanks to MPI Tech’s SAP solution, there’s the rare ability to fully track all SAP print jobs from start to finish (even full call-back functionality, with the actual status of a given print job).

Press-release is available on MyNewsDesk.

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