Inspiring Interview with Avangate

Avangate is our new competence center in Italy, and we’d love you to get to know them a little. So we asked their managing partner, Rendall Narciso, about their current business focus, challenges and strengths.

One Q: What’s your main focus right now?
Avangate: Our focus is on providing our partners with the best business opportunities relating to IT security and services. We continually monitor and analyse industry trends, and select the best solutions for the channel.

One Q: What’s the biggest problem your customers are asking you to solve?
Avangate: This year the main issue is the GDPR and what needs to be done to comply. Data management involves many parts of a business, including printing.

One Q: What’s your main strength over competitors?
Avangate: Our main advantage is that we provide complete training and technical support to all of our partners. This is what makes us a true value-added distributor; we select the best solutions, we help our channel to implement them, and we’re there for every step of the sales process and customer service.

One Q: What would you say is the business value of our partnership?
Avangate: One Q and Avangate share the same vision. We’re both committed to providing value-add solutions to real needs. And we do that in the most flexible, simplest way possible, so our partners can focus on business and on their customers’ complete satisfaction.

“I can describe our company in three words – qualified, flexible, proactive.”
– Rendall Narciso, Avangate.

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