Invitation to live One Q SaaS demonstration

The One Q team is happy to invite you to our first seminar event in 2018 – One Q Showroom Demonstration of our One Driver SaaS based solution.

When having a mixed fleet of printers and MFP’s from different vendors, it is usually a challenge to find a printer driver that will support all of them. With direct printing (Push Printing), most often a separate print queue with the correct driver is created for each printer, so printing performs as it should. But with Follow-Me (Pull Printing) the aim is to have a single print queue for users to print. They can go to any attached printer in the company to collect their job. Because a single print queue can only have a single print driver configured, the challenge is to find a particular driver that will work with all models – even from different vendors!

Finding a printer driver might be possible for “simple printing” – but often impossible for advanced formatting options like booklet printing, paper tray selection, stapling, hole punching, output sorting, graphics, etc. To solve this, we have our unique “One Driver” concept:  by using our Microsoft certified One Q One Driver, our system will convert the print jobs “just in time” when the user has chosen a certain printer/MFP to print out the print jobs (Pull Printing).

This is your chance to see this solution in real live action!

We will take you through a presentation of our SaaS solution running on Azure in the Cloud. The real-time demonstration will include the unique “One Driver” concept, where a document will be printed from a local workstation into Microsoft Azure and released on a local MFP’s from different vendors. During the presentation you will be able to see the solution live including the response time formatting.


Date: February 20

Time: 10:00 am

Duration: 30 min

Speaker: Jan Eilertsen (One Q Sales Engineer)

Place: GoToMeeting



10.00 – Welcome + introduction to SaaS Azure Cloud solution

10.10 – Challenges having MFP’s from multiple vendors – printer drivers, etc.

10.15 – How to solve the issues using one driver

10.20 – Live real-time demonstration of One Driver solution

10.25 – Q & A

Record: The presentation will be recorded. Our marketing coordinator (Anna Moiseienko) will provide the link to the record by request.


Please note, the deadline for registration is February 19, so don’t miss the chance to participate.

Register here and enjoy 🙂

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