Meet BlueBrain

Partner and One Q Competence Centre for Poland

We first got together with BlueBrain in Poland in 2015. They’re a technology integrator specialising in document processing and MPS, so our solutions perfectly match their portfolio. Key to their success has always been their adoption of the latest technologies, continuous innovation, and the strength of their customer relationships.

As our partner, BlueBrain provide One Q’s Windows-based, full-featured secure print management solutions, which can be set up in the Cloud or on-site, providing a highly scalable cluster-enabled solution.

One Q Competence Center
Our partnership with BlueBrain has extended to their becoming the One Q Competence Centre for Poland. Competence centres are a select number of expert partners which have the skills to support other partners and manufacturers, offering pre-sales support, POCs and onsite deployment. With our shared knowledge of secure print management in multi-brand environments, One Q and our competence centres can co-invest in market development as well as the delivery of technical excellence at the highest professional standard.

We asked BlueBrain to tell us a bit about themselves:

How would you describe your company in three main points?
• Open-minded team
• Intuition, creativity, reliable technology, flexible services
• Digital transformation

What’s your main focus right now?
We’re focusing on customer problem-solving – using everything we have at our disposal, including even mathematics, to achieve our clients’ goals!

What’s the biggest problem customers bring you?
• Moving from a transactional model to a service-based model
• Ensuring security, protecting sensitive personal information and ensuring GDPR compliance
• Saving money when it comes to the total cost of ownership of document production.

What’s your main advantage over competitors?
We implement reliable MPS practices, learn from the practical challenges, and achieve our goals in a very competitive environment.

What do you get out of your partnership with One Q?
We co-operate at several levels, from conception to development, project management and sales. Working together, we can tackle any customer challenge through a comprehensive bespoke solution. We particularly appreciate the collaboration and high level of support we get from One Q.

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