New modernized One Q Service Desk

New One Q Service Desk is up and running!



One Q team has recently presented a new Service Desk, which significantly differs from the previous one with its numerous advantages.

Lightweight and a user-friendly UI, Clear workflow for each type of tickets, Direct user notification, SLA and Possibility to view cases of colleagues within your own organization – these and more will help you to proceed with your questions easily and quickly.

Creating your ticket is simple as never before. Just 4 simple steps and the ticket is created:

  • Choose category
  • Fill in the fields, add attachments
  • Set priority
  • Click create

Among all the features of our new Service Desk the following should be mentioned:

  • Each ticket is showing the current status of your case
  • Each step through the ticket will be displayed in the workflow route
  • Everyone who is involved in the ticket (reporter, assignee, watchers) will receive notification about any action and change in the ticket
  • Reporters can manage notifications by themselves

These and more give a clear understanding of what’s going on with the case. The process is visible any time.

All new users’ accounts should be invited to One Q Service Desk by One Q Support Team.

If you still have any questions, please contact our Support Specialist at

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