New One Q Release

Yet another good reason to sign up for the One Q Patented One Driver solution
After having worked heavily on creating and – with great success implementing a structure that is logical and easy to use, the time has now come to release the One Q solution with a whole new and contemporary design.

Along with the highly praised structure, our patented one-driver solution and features like web-upload, email to print and scan to workflow it is fair to say that One Q now delivers one of the most comprehensive print management solutions in the market.

New design … but don’t worry; everything is still in the same place
“We are very happy about the new design, but at the same time it is important to emphasize that the structure that we have been improving over time together with our customers is still the same” Says Morten Sørensen, COO at One Q.

More reasons to upgrade to version 5.1.4 than a new design
If you haven’t upgraded to version 5.1.4 yet, upgrading to this newest version will not only provide you with a new design. It also offers a couple of cool features which make the solution one of the most easy-to use and flexible solutions without compromising the security.

E-mail to print
Are you often on business trips or maybe you have the possibility to work from your home office or do you often need to print from your smart phone or tablet, then you will love the E-mail to print feature. It makes you able to send documents for printing to any printer running One Q. – of course it goes without saying that the document is sent securely. This feature gives you all the flexibility you need when you are away from the office.

Web Upload
This feature is very interesting in particular to libraries, universities and other institutions serving many external users.

With this feature it is easy for you to offer your users a chargeable print solution; With our Web Upload feature you simply create a portal where users can create a printing account and transfer money to their account. Afterwards all they need to do is to log in to their account and print, scan or copy and the cost will be withdrawn from their account … simple as that!

Guest printing is now piece of cake
With the two features; E-mail to print and Web Upload, having guests at your premises who need to print is not a big issue anymore. The guests are simply added to the local network on the VDMS server.

Scan to workflow
Workflows such as approving invoices etc. often requires a workflow with more people in the organisation involved in scanning and moving the same document several times. With the Scan to workflow feature in One Q this is past. When implementing this feature, you define the workflow(s) needed. The user simply signs in, chooses “scan to workflow” and chooses which workflow to activate.

The user might enter some extra data or info to the receiver(s). The Multifunctional Printer then scans and sends the image to the right folder. Our server adds an XML file and makes sure that the transactions are logged for compliance reasons.

From here the Workflow System takes over by image analysing, routing, emailing, interacting with applications etc.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at +45 70 20 32 84.

You can also visit our homepage to know more about us and find your nearest sales representative.

About One Q
One Q is a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals, who are working on making secure printing efficient and simple for enterprise customers worldwide. Our software is based on cloud technology, easy and simple to deploy and manage. Our unique patented One Driver makes us the only ones offering a truly flexible print management solution regardless which printer you are using.

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