New One Q Server released

On Thursday, February 22, One Q was pleased to announce the release of a new One Q server, version 5.1.2.

In addition to bug fixes the new server contains new features like the:

• Web client on Linux problem with VDMS Linux v. 5.1.x
• Reports include data outside wanted interval
• VDMS server for Linux 5.1.x and newer and HP don’t configure
• VDMS server for Linux 5.0.5 (and newer) and Kyocera don’t configure
• Euskera localization added
• Direct integration to Azure Active Domain
• Convert2PDF for Epson
• Regression test of VDMS 5.1.2
• Possibility to change some terms to more user-friendly
• Improved stability of Xerox, HP and Kyocera on Linux platform
• Improved scheduled reporting on a monthly basis

For more detailed information please contact One Q Senior Sales Engineer at

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