One Client is now also available for Konica Minolta devices

We have now finalized the work for One Client for Konica Minolta devices. This new client is in addition to the other One Clients that have been introduced in recent months, including One Client for HP Workpath, HP OXPD, Samsung android, Ricoh android, and Kyocera.

The One Client for Konica Minolta devices includes the new standard UI for One Clients, which for this specific client also means:

  • Logical setup for better and easier user experience.
  • All action buttons have been moved to the bottom of the screen.
  • All select options have been moved to the top of the screen.
  • Added the possibility to change the job settings on the device, such as B&W, simplex/duplex, hold a job and print more.
  • Native authentication screen is based on Konica Minolta own scheme for this.

Within the Konica Minolta sphere, we are also working on making the One Client available on Develop devices, and be able to include Develop to the One Client Family.

With One Client for Konica Minolta, we have once again enhanced One Q’s mixed-fleet capability, with a seamless user-experience across multiple brands.

The One Client for Konica Minolta is now available on One Q Partner Zone.

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