One Q in Mexico

We talked to Eduardo Vargas Moedano, regional manager for Professional Services LATAM at One Q Technologies A/S.

How long has One Q had an office in Mexico?
We’ve been In Latin America for five years, and actively in Mexico since Q4 2018. I joined the company as LATAM regional manager in November last year, working out of Mexico City. It’s been an amazing time and we’ve achieved a lot. We’re increasingly recognised as a reliable and credible supplier of print solutions here.

What was your most recent big achievement?
We’re working in the biggest markets alongside vendors and distribution channels, which is helping us to grow significantly. We’ve built relationships with three of the biggest manufacturers and 15 new regional distributors. European support has been key to our success and we’re very excited about the near future.

How’s the team spirit?
One Q people in every country are aware of the need for teamwork, and we all act as one. Far from being a challenge, the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies we encounter in different countries can be a great asset. I had the opportunity to meet the whole global One Q team at the kick-off event in Denmark last January, and it was a such a positive experience, both professionally and personally.

What’s been your biggest challenge, and what did you learn from it?
I’ve been putting in place the foundations to support rapid but sustainable growth. The biggest challenge so far has been finding the most efficient way to use our resources and our time. Customers are always our biggest focus, and we’ve been working hard to provide them with the best possible service levels.

What’s the most important business issue for you in Mexico?
Mexico is one of the biggest markets in the region, and it’s vital that we maintain strong relationships with key people in the industry. We need to be alongside all the technology, devices and platforms that the One Q suite works with, and to understand our competitors here. Being right here in Mexico means we’re very well positioned in the Americas.

How do you think the Mexico office is performing?
Our results speak for themselves. However, we’ll never be complacent, so we’re always looking to improve our processes and services. In the short term, I envisage steadily growing revenue and a growing One Q team and, with the support we get from Europe, we get more efficient every day.

What are your predictions for the future?
I see One Q becoming one of the preferred suppliers/partners in managed print services in Latin America. The region needs new and stable platforms located in the Cloud. I definitely think that this is One Q’s moment – the future is ours.

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