How One Q integrated Brother’s digital printing platform

The Brother Solutions Interface platform integration

In order to meet the unique requirements and make printing, scanning and copying operations compatible with Brother devices, One Q decided to use the Brother Solutions Interface (BSI).


What is BSI?

Brother Solutions Interface is a platform, which allows custom solutions to be integrated with Brother machines including scanners, printers and Multi-Function Centers (MFCs). Using the BSI custom user interface commands gives the ability to create a customized user journey, while easily supporting different device screen sizes. By using the lock function it allows access to device after authentication by PIN code, username and password or ID card.



Integration results

To work in line with One Q’s specific requirements the support for Brother devices using BSI was implemented efficiently. During the process, One Q unique requests have been solved. The huge role played a combination of factors, including: the support of One Q’s server and being compatible with Brother devices, the scalability factor and the possibility to use a mixed multi-vendor printer environment, the technical support that can be provided for small to large enterprises, which is extremely unique in this market. The successful completion of the project means that One Q’s partners can engage in tenders within the very price-sensitive market.


“Due to the nature of our company, we had to introduce a solution that was tailored to match our business requirements, but also had the scalability to be installed in small, medium and large businesses. The Brother Solutions Interface helped us to achieve just that by enabling One Q software to become compatible with Brother devices.”

– Peter Rostrup, CTO at One Q


“The bespoke solution created by One Q using our BSI platform has really benefited their business. As their print management solution is compatible with Brother devices, they provide a wider service range which is unique, competitive and appealing to clients. One Q has shown how using BSI can be effective for customers requiring simple solutions to complex problems.”

– Richard Thomas, Senior Manager, Product Planning at Brother International Europe


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