One Q now offers Scan to Workflow as a new module

One Q now offers Scan to Workflow as a new module – making the One Q solution even more comprehensive

Great news!

One Q Secure Print Management keeps on improving and we are proud to announce a new module available in One Q Secure Print Management.

We have named it ‘Scan to Workflow’. This module is completely integrated in the user interface of our software clients and is a perfect add-on to our print management solution with top of the line features such as:

• Can be used on any One Q compliant MFP* with open scanning option
• Easy to install and use
• Compatible with any scanner
• Orchestrating business workflows
• Scan to applications
• Scan to fax gateway
• Optical character recognition, OCR
• Scanning of QR and barcodes
• Batch processing
• Monitoring folders
• Monitoring email boxes and more…

Using One Q Scan to Workflow Module the scanned images of your documents will seamlessly be routed to one or more target applications, network folders, email receivers or document management. The built-in features of the solution can analyze the images, to gain knowledge of the content and establish the routing.

We have implemented a generic Workflow System integration. ‘Workflow System’ defined very broadly as any third-party application ready to receive a scanned image together with an XML file holding metadata (User ID, timestamp, IP address, Terminal ID, entered text, maybe a fax number etc.).

How it works:

Our server acquires information from the Workflow System (in the way this system offers to provide) of which workflow types are available. It gives this information to our device client (on Epson, Kyocera, HP, etc.). Our server also captures the storage location for each image, i.e. the path to the folder, one for each type of workflow.

One Q locks the device for scanning until user is authenticated (card, password or pin). The user signs in, chooses “scan to workflow” and chooses which workflow to activate.

The user might enter some extra data like ‘fax number’ or just some info to receiver(s). The MFP then scans and sends the image to the right folder. Our server adds an XML file and makes sure that the transactions are logged for compliance reasons.

From here the Workflow System takes over by image analyzing, routing, emailing, faxing, interacting with applications etc.

Available now

This new Scan to Workflow is now available as a SaaS solution or perpetual license and can be added to existing customer solutions as well as new ones.

Please contact your sales rep for pricing.

*The Scan to Workflow option will over time be added to all One Q software clients, please ask if you have any specific brands you require this function for.

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