One Q server release. New version

One Q is pleased to announce the release of new server version 5.1.3. The servicing model has been updated with new essential features.

New standard feature goes with no extra cost offering the possibility to print attachments to emails, simply by sending an email to ‘’, and you can of course choose this address yourself.

With Mail2Print any existing user can attach a document to a mail and securely send it to this designated mail box. The attached document will be formatted for printing on the One Q server, and the user can go to any printer running One Q and release the print-job.

The One Q server will convert all the most common formats from Microsoft Office, Libre Office, PDF, picture and text formats, and is available for both Windows and Linux server solutions.

Enhancing security significantly with the new version 5.1.3, the Super Administrator will now be prohibited to see or redirect other users print jobs. This functionality is considered very powerful for some companies, but for companies with less sensitive data, it is possible to unlock this feature. This can only be done by One Q or our subsidiaries, to avoid ‘back doors’.

What about the upcoming features? Well, later this year One Q will release such headlines as new dashboard and web upload!

Dashboard will give administrators, management and even general users an overview of printers, print situation, links to documentation and other stuff that each user can choose as he/she likes to have on this portal. Maybe as a screen with live updates, for the employees at the support desk to see if everything is running smoothly. Web upload will be embedded in the One Q server with no extra cost, and will give a user the possibility to upload documents for printing, to be converted for printing.

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