One Q take-off in Latin America

Canal Directo and One Q Technologies enable Aerolineas Argentinas to focus on its core businesses: passenger transport, cargo and maintenance. With its document imaging strategy managed directly by HP, the airline enjoys market leading technology, fast and effective service, and simple transparent cost overview.

The Challenge

Aerolineas Argentinas has offices across the country. Prior to establishing the relationship with Canal Directo, office printers and MFPs were procured locally. There was little cohesion between buyers. A mixed fleet of printers and MFPs were acquired from several different vendors at less than favourable terms.

The airline recognised that establishing a global supply arrangement for printers and MFPs would simplify the procurement process and reduce duplication within regional offices. Selecting the right supplier would also ensure that all locations were equipped with effective print solutions supplied at beneficial terms.

Canal Directo and One Q Technologies were appointed as suppliers, ahead of other vendors, on the strength of its broad product range, effective secure print operation and its corporate commitment to environmental protection.

Delivering the Solution

In cooperation Canal Directo and One Q Technologies provide a fully managed service. Working with the airline’s IT and procurement teams, new products are tested and added to the supply schedule. The scope of the solution deployment has been for a 700 devices.

Canal Directo installs One Q Secure print solutions, trains operators and provides ongoing service. Replacing standalone printers and copiers, the HP MFPs save space and reduce energy consumption. Fully compliant with the airline’s IT infrastructure, they share common drivers and are easy to use.

The centrally negotiated terms are significantly better than those which had been negotiated locally, saving the company money. A transparent ‘price per copy price, which includes Secure Print management solution from One Q, servicing and toner, means there are no hidden costs. Central negotiation has simplified the procurement process and is helping to ensure that local offices do not make expensive mistakes.

Customer Benefits

“We have gained control over our print infrastructure securing documents providing high flexibility to users and are making significant savings in our expenditure on print and reprographics” – says Aerolineas Argentinas.

The relationship with Canal Directo has already proved its advantages. Employees, wherever they are based, are now able to utilise versatile and effective secure print solution. Common functionality and simple print drivers combine to make equipment both easy to use and support. The solution supports Aerolineas Argetinas’s environmental management strategy, helping employees reduce paper consumption and save energy.

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