One year on… Martin Engdal, chief executive of One Q

Martin Engdal, chief executive of One Q

Having completed a year at One Q, now seems a good time to look back and take stock of what the company has achieved since I’ve been at the helm. It’s vital for our partners and customers to know where we’re investing because that will help to boost their own growth. We are at experiencing a lot of demand for our unique software solution from end-customers and partners. One Q is hence going through a very exciting growth phase with strategic investments in many areas.

Our key successes
• Software development – On the solution side we are making significant investment in building out our already extensive functionality. Overall, our aim is to provide our customers with the most innovative, cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, secure and user-friendly solution in the market. Our pay-as-you-go licensing has also proven very popular. One of the aspects of One Q that I particularly enjoy is how agile we are: we’re able to respond quickly and flexibly to both support and development requests in a way that many suppliers in the print arena just can’t.
• Business development – We’ve made great strides in winning large enterprise clients in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, and there is real interest in our Cloud-based solutions. Since I joined a year ago, we’ve grown our team beyond Denmark by 50% and doubled our business volume in that time.
• Company expansion – We’ve strengthened our presence in several international markets, especially in the UK and the Americas including Mexico.
• Business efficiency – We’ve been working hard to streamline all of our processes and services so that we can be even more responsive to our partners and end users.

My priorities
As chief executive, it’s my role to make sure that our business is sustainable, and that it has the resources it needs to grow, and that our offering is in line with market needs and can help with real innovation. Therefore, over the past year, I’ve been focusing on:
• Global strategy – We’re looking at those markets which will deliver the best results for us and thus support our future plans. We’re looking to fill gaps in our European presence, either direct or through distribution, and we want to build on our Miami office to achieve good penetration in the US market.
• Customer strategy – My career experience working with major clients has brought us a perspective on how to service the very particular needs of enterprise customers. I’m looking for where we can add value to our solutions, especially where other providers can’t. We’re also boosting our pre- and post-sales support and our QA.
• Development strategy – Increasingly, successful businesses are the ones that are able and willing to disrupt the market. The print market has been stagnating, with some of the world’s biggest suppliers failing to innovate, and we’re determined to change that. That’s why we’re actively recruiting talented people to help us do just that. We’re also working on significantly enhancing our user experience with a state-of-the-art, highly intuitive interface which is common to all platforms. We are specifically investing in building out cloud capabilities, mobile applications; enhance product coverage with more advanced functionality, making the user experience modern and easy to use, etc.
• Distribution strategy – I’m very keen to continue identifying and building relationships with the right partners, including value-added resellers and printer vendors. This will enable us to bring the benefits of our solution to as many global markets, business sectors and end customers as possible. Of course, our success will also bring benefits our partners, so this is a mutually rewarding process. The ‘right partner’ for us is one that knows its local market and demands from enterprise customers really well, has a high level of technical expertise, shares our business values, and understands the considerable potential of our solution.

What does the future look like?
I think we’ll continue seeing consolidation in the market, and the companies that succeed will be those that invest in cost-effective innovation. Solutions must have a significant economic impact for the end user.

Since this is at the heart of what One Q offers, I expect our global business volume to triple over the next 18 months – which means an exciting time for our offices and partners around the world!

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