Real time One Q security solution

Most professional secure print solutions give users the ability to control the release of their print jobs on the print devices. But what happens if a large confidential document is interrupted in the process by printer jam or other failures, and the user has to leave the printer room before the device has been fixed… After the device has been repaid the rest of the confidential report will be printed and might come in the hands of the wrong people.

One of our customers asked One Q to come up with a solution that could prevent this happening. We have therefore developed what we call the “sticky card solution”.

Smart and sticky cards are cards which need to be in a slot (Smart Card) or stuck on top of the card reader (Sticky Card) during the complete period of printing process, copying and scanning jobs.

If the user removes the card – the process will immediately stop and last piece of processed paper will be delivered out of the printer. In this case printer’s hard drive and memory will be erased for any remains of the print-, copy- or scan-jobs.

The solution also offers:

  • Removal of all job remains simply when job finishes (also correctly)
  • Removal of all job remains in case of printer reboot, i.e. as part of start-up procedure

These features, in combination with One Q security, make the solution perfectly secure, which in certain cases may be the only way of making printing, copying and scanning GDPR compliant.

When it comes to saving print-jobs on the hard drive – different vendors have different strategies. Some actually choose to save a copy after decryption, without any possibility for a third party, like One Q, to remove this. Please, remember to confirm the details of chosen printer hardware with your printer provider.

If vendor doesn’t offer the possibility to delete hard drive (and memory) through the SDK, we suggest the following alternatives:

  • Ask for delivery of printers without hard drive (will decrease performance)
  • Have very strict manual processes: a) when external support personnel maintain a printer, own staff must be present all the time (remaining print-jobs often come out when printer has been restarted); b) when retiring a printer, the hard drive must be erased or removed (and destroyed).

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