Solving enterprise print management challenges

Traditional print management is surprisingly low-quality, complex, difficult to maintain, and costly. If all that sounds familiar, One Q’s One Driver could change everything…

The main challenges
In larger organisations, printers typically come from dozens of vendors. That may be a result of non-standardised purchasing or legacy systems, or because different printers are suited to different tasks –standard documents on simple office printers, training handouts with stapling on an MFD, or printing a drawing on a large-format HP printer.
Anyone who needs to print will have to install printer drivers. This can be simplified if vendors supply universal device drivers to suit most printers – but universality is always problematic; for example, advanced settings will be available only for compatible devices.
Such diversity usually means that companies face problems such as:
• individual driver installation and printer configuration for every user
• driver updates if one printer is replaced by another
• complex migrations; for example, if the move from one Manufacturer to another is gradual and it’s difficult to say at what point the old driver needs to be replaced
• security measures which prevent users for installing software. This requires either administrators or automated software deployment (which may not be straightforward, and may install bloatware such as unwanted browsers).

Fix all these problems!
The solution to these problems is One Driver – even (and especially) in large enterprises with complex infrastructures, dispersed offices and stringent security requirements, such as banks, healthcare organisations and post offices:
• unified driver for end-users – drivers are installed on the print server, supporting all vendors, so there are far fewer installations and upgrades
• a single, generic printer driver replaces all existing ones and provides the final print-job conversion on the server – either locally or in the cloud (no driver management is required)
• One Driver is a light install, requiring only a minimal set of resources
• there’s no bloatware
• there’s no down-time for installation, updates or user struggle
• there are no hidden auto-update functions which can suddenly interrupt and prevent operations
• the user interface is always the same, and you can move printers around without changes to user workstations.

And with One Driver Builder, you can create a tailored installer which takes into account your own needs and specifications.

A smarter choice
One Q’s One Driver is exactly that – one driver. A single printer driver that will:
• work across all your printers and devices
• work easily in private or hybrid clouds
• offer a single system, with a single interface, for all of your infrastructure and printing – no matter how many users, no matter what infrastructure, no matter how many locations or even countries
• print your job in just the right format, regardless of which printer you choose
• handle all of your settings and updates across your entire fleet, remotely and automatically and in minutes
• dramatically reduce your support calls and costs.

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