White paper: The impact of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation in relation to Print

This whitepaper has found its relevance through numerous talks with customers and other players in the market, who carefully have secured their personal data over the last several decades and who, concerned by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, are reviewing Data Protection systems and processes. One of the outcomes has been an acknowledgment that Data Protection has been somewhat forgotten when it comes to personal data in hard copy format.

On the basis of the new regulation, this document focuses on personal data in hard copy and the digital process of data becoming a hard copy.

Companies and their advisers handling personal data will benefit from reading this, as a guidance on how to include both digital processing as well as the hard copy dimension in order to become regulatory compliant.

Many thanks to Monique Altheim, Managing Consultant – Global Privacy and Security, IBM Security Services, as editor and for giving valuable input regarding the complex EU regulation.

To read full white paper please contact us at sales@oneq.tech

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