Polish Post

“I’m glad we’ve managed to implement such an innovative solution, allowing us to monitor and plan our printing costs while at the same time reducing costs by more than 20%!”
Mirosław Rolnik
Deputy Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Polish Post SA

The context
Polish Post SA is a state-owned company providing postal, banking, insurance and logistics services throughout Poland.
With over 20,000 installed print devices from multiple manufacturers, they were experiencing the usual difficulties in managing their diverse fleet of printers.

Obsolete and worn-out equipment was causing disruptive and expensive downtime. It also meant significant extra work and costs when it came to managing relationships with a wide range of consumables and services suppliers.

The brief
Polish Post needed to rationalise their fleet and manage their costs by finding a comprehensive printing, copying and scanning service with full outsourcing of financing, installation, maintenance and consumables. As part of this, inefficient devices (with high total cost of ownership and low print security) were to be eliminated. They also requested software to manage all of this for 600 selected post office locations, and a highly secure print service which would ensure compliance with the GDPR.

The solution
Thanks to the outsourcing of services to PRINTCARE MPS and a secure print solution from One Q, Polish Post has led the way in proving the effectiveness of managed print services in the Polish public sector. The scale and complexity of the project has highlighted the resilience and scalability of One Q and PRINTCARE MPS in large projects.
To relieve demands on IT resources, minimise downtime and enhance the user experience, all devices at Polish Post have been connected to the fleet management system PrinterCare. This provides remote monitoring by dedicated specialists who monitor consumables and provide troubleshooting within an agreed SLA of 24 hours or 4 hours for critical issues.
One Q VDMS has been deployed to provide a high level of print security and GDPR compliance. A highly effective business intelligence portal has also been implemented, providing crucial real-time data about the system’s status and performance.
As requested, the print infrastructure continues to handle label printing and special-media dot-matrix printing.

The results
The distraction, hassle and downtime of printer problems are now a thing of the past, and employees across functions such as IT, purchasing, logistics and finance can go back to focusing on their core work. In addition, Polish Post has benefited from:

  • a single comprehensive and seamless managed print solution
  • substantial cost savings thanks to the introduction of new and efficient HP and Brother devices
  • high levels of security across the print infrastructure
  • the consolidation of multiple supplier contracts (equipment, toners, servicing, etc) into one
  • taking the hassle of print management out of house
  • releasing working capital by no longer storing large quantities of consumables
  • more transparent data on performance and costs, which can be seen at a glance and helps with precise planning and budgeting
  • high-quality print with advanced colour and finishing options
  • high levels of availability of equipment.

The next steps
Polish Post is about to embark on Stage Two of their managed print services project, extending a consistent set of services to additional locations including offices, distribution depots and customer service points.