‘Working with the One Q solution allows to stay at the same high-quality level

being able to save costs and get all the benefits from this collaboration.’

With more than 20 years of experience, COS and its integral management has made them a reference player in the market and now helps large companies optimize and save costs through comprehensive management of printing services.

One of COS main clients, Renfe, is the state-owned company which operates freight and passenger trains of the Spanish national railway infrastructure company ADIF. So far, the company has introduced improvements to their internet ticket sales and adopted new ICT management practices within a “more industrial” organisational model.


The customer needs


The main challenge was that the client has a fleet of almost 2000 printers and multi-function devices (printer, scanner and fax) within all companies, belonging to the Renfe Group. These devices have an important level of obsolescence and are very heterogeneous. Many of them have been added to meet the specific needs of each department over the years.

Juan Carlos Lecuona (MPS Consultor) explains: The cost in consumables is very high and given the big number of existing manufacturers and models, economies of scale cannot be applied when assembling consumables, which results in high costs. The devices make about 14 million pages a year in B/W and 9 million pages in color and these teams are distributed throughout the national territory.



The One Q Solution


‘We have known the system for some years, when we searched about MPS software. We tested several solutions but decided to work with One Q system because of its rich list of features and a good value for money’ – says Juan.

COS delivered to RENFE thanks to its vision of a service and support, which includes:

  • acquisition of the current group of printers, according to the book value they have;
  • eliminated the same from the client’s assets, which brings tax benefits to the customer;
  • comprehensive maintenance of all devices, with a vision of proactivity versus reactivity;
  • technology update of the park due to obsolescence;
  • resolution of irreparable faults, by replacement with a machine of the same type;
  • supplying of the new equipment (printers and multifunction), HP and Samsung;
  • supplying of all types of consumables (excluding paper).


Why did we choose One Q?


Juan Carlos Lecuona Ibarrola

MPS Consultor

COS Global Services

‘If I should describe One Q in few words, I would say – it’s a MPS Tool that allows costs reduction and delivers a more efficient way to handle printing environments.

We value the direct contact with support and sales. It makes the work easier. And the most valuable for customer are features offered by the system and the possibility to work with several different printer manufacturers.’


The Result


‘With the service provided by COS we are proud to say that we have forgotten the printing problems’

– says Miguel Angel Muñoz, Sysadmin in Renfe.


The implementation of One Q made it possible to centrally control the entire printer fleet, providing high security and flexibility with a very simple management console – considering the high volume of users and printers.

One Q significantly helped to reduce the number of print servers and improve user satisfaction, and at the same time significantly reducing the help desk load.