We have updated our One Q server software!

One Q server software in version VDMS 5.1.6

We are delighted to announce the release of One Q VDMS 5.1.6 server, which can be downloaded from our Partner Zones. Its new features have been designed to make the user experience even smoother, whether you choose the on-site solution or the Cloud version!

When we work on updates of our key software, we focus on easy deployment, scalability, synergies, on premises, cloud or a combination, and we continually enhance the user interface to make users more productive, more secure, and more satisfied than ever!

Key benefits

  • One Driver’s capabilities are now all available in our Public Cloud solution
  • Prepared features for One Q mobile print app capability, including QR code secure printing!

New features

• You can now generate QR codes for identifying terminals. This functionality can be used together with the new One Q Mobile App for iOS and Android, due for release later this month
• Terminal Vendor and Terminal Group columns have been added to custom reports
• End users can change their own PIN codes via their One Q profile on the server
• When a new terminal is created in a group, the device will now automatically inherit the terminal type
• One Q One Driver now works in our One Q Cloud environment
• An Extend button has been added for licensees for each site in a multi-site setup, which means you can now order new or extended licences directly from our Cloud solution
• Terminals can now be added without being active, even if there are no available licences
• There is now a configurable button in the menu bar, which redirects to an external link by opening a new browser tab; this makes it easy to swap to other browser-based solutions with or without single sign-on (SSO)


• Server startup does not crash at startup when the site gets a real license
• Support for CAS/SSO has been re-established
• Price profile now works correctly in a cluster using shared MSSQL DB
• Improved UI for Terminals page
• Italian language option added
• Improved watermarking possibilities
• Improved UI and colour schema for terminal configurations
• Improved functionality for implementing scheduled reports on a host with FR local
• Improved encoding for statistic pie chart in Catalan language

One Q One Driver, now available for our public cloud solution, will have a major impact with cloud customers thanks to it user friendliness. Together with our new mobile print app, it makes us the secure print management solution of choice for your organisation.

Experience the power of One Q Technologies!

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