Re-invent your business model!

Re-invent your business model!

Imagine deploying hundreds of devices of your customers in just 1 hour: simple and easy.
Only one print driver to support all print formats, even special finishing options. It gives you continuous freedom and flexibility to add and replace any print device, independent of the existing fleet. With One Q for HP Jet Advantage Link, you can boost your revenue and reduce deployment time from 50 hours to just 1 hour for 200 devices!

Here is what you get with One Q for HP Jet Advantage Link:

One Driver – The best solution in the market to raise productivity
With our One Driver solution that has been WHQL certified by Microsoft, only one print driver is required to support all print formats available with the OEM’s drivers, even special finishing options. It gives you continuous freedom and flexibility to add and replace any print device independent of the existing fleet. No driver updates are necessary and hence to choose the most cost-effective print devices which leads to reduced TCO.

Private, public or Hybrid … whatever your IT strategy is now or in the future – One Q supports it
We support our customers’ IT strategy whether it is on premises, private, public or hybrid cloud. There is, therefore, no need to worry about having to change the solution to follow a future or revised IT strategy.

Public Cloud with multivendor and multisite capabilities is one of the key advantages. We can manage many end customers from one single Cloud server, reducing administration and ongoing costs.

In a multisite cloud environment, customers can be completely separate from one another, so that users or administrators within a customer cannot see any data relating to others – even though the customers are all running on the same cloud server. Administration and reporting access may be provided according to access level – so some administrators might be able to access multiple customers, whilst others may only be able to manage their own.

Smart User management
One Q integrates with MS Azure SQL to facilitate the cloud setup. Leading to both a database management costs saving and enhanced security.

The Azure Active Directory integration reduces the security exposure of the service provider.

One Q establishes access to the several functions in the solution as role-based.
From a single, secure login, you can deploy, administer licenses, and manage your entire fleet from your seat.

Highest level of security
Our solution protects personal data according to GDPR. Print jobs are protected and encrypted in transit from the workstation, the server and to the printer. Print Jobs can be encrypted on the printer and automatically deleted if the print job is aborted in the process.

With One Q, your print jobs are in safe hands and you do not need to be concerned about GDPR breach.

One Q comes with a standard security feature but can also be customised to meet the highest security standards.

IT – infrastructure – not “just” print management
With One Q, you can reduce the need for service and maintenance, software licencing, hardware and electricity costs. When outsourcing your whole infrastructure to One Q (SaaS), you will get an optimized print infrastructure, which is highly scalable and based on a simple cloud technology which totally eliminates print servers.
Our cloud-based solution enables far more effective and efficient ways of working, which can generate considerable cost savings. For instance, simply automating the onboarding process for a new customer can save enormous amount of time and effort.
Imagine if you would be able to automate the scaling of the infrastructure deployment on order to match the business’s real needs.

Because deployment and provisioning are automated, new infrastructure is ready as soon as it is required.

Support for HP Devices
With Out of the box setup, OXPd and Android MFP implementation is possible with minimal configuration.
This is turn reduces implementation and ongoing costs.

Highest level of customer satisfaction is our focus
Customer service is at the Forefront of our business and we are able to adapt quickly to any changes to customers environments.
We also enter into a dialogue with our customers to ensure that the solution is designed to meet their needs.
Hence customers are delivered a customised solution that is an exact fit to their business requirements.
Therefore, no additional resources are required and no investment in third party support is needed.


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